About Us

Josef & Janet OttWMIS was established in 1994, with the company's head office located in Adelaide; designed to provide central distribution within Australia. Founder Josef Ott and his wife Janet, run their business with pervasive family values. Call them and you are bound to speak to an individual who is direct family or a person so highly loyal to the company's philosophy that they would call themselves family.

Josef, a fine tradesmen noticed that the quality of steel conduit being supplied to the world market (mainly from China), was not of a satisfactory standard and that a higher grade was needed. Josef set about resolving this issue and now supplies the world with Conduit which meets the stringent quality standards of Australia (AS2053.7).

Steel conduit is far superior to (the often better known) PVC conduit. Unlike PVC, steel conduit contains the correct components that render the contained cable fire safe for a considerable duration of time. Steel conduit is also far more rigid making puncture of the conduit almost impossible. Steel conduit offers cables excellent electro-magnetic shielding from nearby electrical and radio interferences.

WMIS' galvanized, loc-fit and steel conduit is manufactured from mild steel tube. It has an accurate circular cross section, a uniform wall thickness, a defect free interior surface, and continuously welded seams. The interior and exterior surfaces are thoroughly and evenly coated with zinc during the galvanising process. To ensure that metal-to-metal contact and corrosion protection is provided, an additional oil lubricant is applied to the interior surface to reduce friction during cable insertion. WMIS conduit is manufacturered in the following sizes 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm and comes in standard 4m lengths. WMIS also supply powdercoated, stainless steel and aluminium conduit. No matter what the industry, WMIS have the right conduit.

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