LOCFIT Galvanised Fittings

Locfit Galvanised Shallow Boxes With Lids

WMI-7-201-301-620 mm Side Entry 1 Way
WMI-7-201-302-620 mm Side Entry 2 Way Angle
WMI-7-201-318-620 mm Side Entry 2 Way Through
WMI-7-201-303-620 mm Side Entry 3 Way
WMI-7-201-304-620 mm Side Entry 4 Way
WMI-7-250-301-625 mm Side Entry 1 Way
WMI-7-250-302-625 mm Side Entry 2 Way Angle
WMI-7-250-318-625 mm Side Entry 2 Way Through
WMI-7-250-303-625 mm Side Entry 3 Way
WMI-7-250-304-625 mm Side Entry 4 Way

Locfit Conduit Fittings

WMI-7-200-101-620 mm Galv Coupling
WMI-7-201-317-620 mm Male Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-201-316-620 mm Female Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-200-201-620 mm 90 Degree Bends
WMI-7-250-101-625 mm Galv Coupling
WMI-7-250-317-625 mm Male Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-250-316-625 mm Female Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-250-201-625 mm 90 Degree Bends
WMI-7-320-101-632 mm Galv Coupling
WMI-7-320-317-632 mm Male Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-320-316-632 mm Female Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-320-201-632 mm 90 Degree Bends
WMI-7-400-101-640 mm Galv Coupling
WMI-7-401-317-640 mm Male Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-401-316-640 mm Female Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-400-201-640 mm 90 Degree Bends
WMI-7-500-101-650 mm Galv Coupling
WMI-7-501-317-650 mm Male Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-501-316-650 mm Female Thread Adaptor
WMI-7-500-201-650 mm 90 Degree Bends

Benders and Accessories

WMI-7-200-315-620 mm Conduit Bender
WMI-7-205-315-625 mm Conduit Bender

Locfit Fittings

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